ThetaCore Tower indoor air virus filter

ThetaCore Tower indoor air virus filter

In addition to laser cutting as a flexible processing method for high-quality laser parts according to individual templates, the product portfolio also includes protective walls against viruses and hand basins for mobile hand hygiene.

The latest product from Theta Laser GmbH is the “ThetaCore Tower” room air filter, made in Germany, which separates 0,1% of aerosol particles with a diameter of 0,3 to 99,995 μm.

2019-20 Coronavirus Pandemic - Coronavirus
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The filter class is: HEPA H14 filter according to EN 1822
This filter (depth filter) is used to separate suspended matter from the air. In addition to bacteria and viruses, this also includes pollen, mite eggs and mite excretions as well as dust, aerosols and smoke particles.

This room air filter is therefore ideally suited as a room air filter and corona filter.

FP-2 filtration according to EN 143
Based on this designation, there is protection against solid, liquid and non-volatile substances.

UV-C UV lamp for air / filter disinfection

Why UV light? Many people will ask themselves this question. But the answer is basically simple. Because light cleanses!

UV light has a phototypical effect on DNA. Microorganisms, which in addition to bacteria and molds also include yeasts and viruses (coronaviruses), cannot replicate.

It should also be mentioned that the cleaning effect already begins in the nanometer range (nm), which humans can no longer perceive in any way.

The room air filter ThetaCore Tower is made of 1.4301 stainless steel.
The dimensions are 1,5 meters in height, 40 cm in length and 40 cm in width.

If you have any questions about the product, interested parties can contact Theta Laser GmbH by phone or email.

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