ThetaCore Tower indoor air virus filter

In addition to laser cutting as a flexible processing method for high-quality laser parts according to individual templates, the product portfolio also includes protective walls against viruses and hand basins for mobile hand hygiene. The latest product from Theta Laser GmbH is the “ThetaCore Tower” room air filter, made in Germany, which separates 0,1% of aerosol particles with a diameter of 0,3 to 99,995 μm. The filter class ...

"Corona" protective wall

Protection against corona in retail: virus protection walls Retail has not only had to protect itself against cold viruses, exhalations and saliva from customers since today. Goods lying around in the open that are not packaged must anyway be protected from contamination of any kind according to the hygiene ordinance. But since the coronavirus got out of control, a protective wall for retail is even more important ...

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