Reliable service for customers

Our main focus is also on working with our customers. We offer all wear parts that are important above all to enable a smooth and flawless production process. We have most of the parts in stock and can react quickly to inquiries and assistance in all cases. The service is guaranteed by our technicians, who also enable the training of your employees. This takes place directly on the systems and can be expanded through specialist knowledge. You have the option of constantly updating your parameter database for the respective material or creating it from scratch. This also includes the possibility of realizing a sample of our systems with your materials at no cost. So you can get an idea of ​​the quality of our possibilities on site and take a close look at the technology of the various systems. A conversation with one of our technicians is also no problem in this context and allows you to gain an insight into the various possibilities of modern laser technology.

Theta Cloud

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The use of our cloud is also an opportunity for our customers to participate in various processes and to be informed about all innovations. In this way you can receive documentation of the corresponding systems as well as control updates for the devices. The digital retrieval of further documents is also no problem. You will receive a corresponding link to the cloud, which is assigned automatically with the user data when you purchase a system. In addition, we are also available by phone or email to discuss various processes or topics with you.

Especially in the long term, cooperation is the best way to promote the productivity of your own business in a good way. This includes the use of our maintenance service, which looks after your equipment or upgrades if possible. So you can always keep up to date and maintain the production level of your company. Especially nowadays the use of modern technology is an important means to develop a strong market position with the respective advantages. Also, specific consultations on the subject of modern laser systems are a great way to expand the current level of knowledge and to learn about new developments in the market. Especially in the long term, you can achieve your goals more easily and can use the advantages to plan safely and meaningfully into the future.

Of course, we answer your questions by phone or email.


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