"Corona" protective wall

"Corona" protective wall

Protection against corona in retail: virus protection walls

Retailers have not only had to protect themselves against cold viruses, exhalations and saliva from customers since today. Goods lying around that are not packaged must be protected against contamination of any kind according to the hygiene regulations. But since the corona virus has gone out of control, a protective wall has become even more important for retail than before. Many supermarket or bank employees are rightly concerned that they could become infected. There is great uncertainty about unknown dangers.

The term "virus protection wall" is not nice, but it is descriptive. The term "virus protection wall" describes exactly what it is about: an acrylic glass or plexiglass wall that protects the goods behind it without outer packaging. Splash or virus protection walls protect fresh baked goods, loose pralines, cold cuts or cheese delicacies, for example. However, since the need for such protective walls can be very flexible, different types of splash protection walls can also be found. In times like these, working people also need protection.

Coronavirus virus

Hygiene and distance protects!  

The main goal:  slow down the spread of the corona virus!

Spray or virus protection walls made to measure

A spit protection device can protect cashiers as well as openly presented fresh produce, such as cold cuts. Since no shop fitting is identical to another, most spit protection devices are made to measure. However, splash protection walls can also be found in standard dimensions. The main task of a splash protection wall is to prevent contamination and droplet infections. If a customer sneezes or coughs, the freely presented goods could be wetted with saliva. Then you could only dispose of them. That is why most of the unpacked food is presented behind glass or plexiglass showcase walls.

In the wake of the Corona crisis, protective measures for employees became even more important than in normal times. Many stores have already closed due to the rapid spread of Covid-19. Pharmacies, doctor's surgeries and supermarkets that are still open now take the protection of their employees twice as seriously. Many companies are currently investing in protective masks, protective gloves and splash guards at short notice. The splash protection devices can be set up on the move or delivered as permanently mounted modules. At the moment, the mobile splash protection walls are preferred. Although they represent a barrier between customers and staff, they are transparent.

Human contacts are immensely important in times like these. The supply of the population must be ensured - without exposing certain groups of people to increased risk of infection.

Protection of employees is the top priority

Consultation and customer meetings are more important than ever these days. But we have to adjust. A pandemic is about protecting employees and customers alike from infection.

However, not all people who are still working can be sent to the home office. The “systemically important” employees must protect themselves as best they can. If these people work unprotected behind a counter or counter, as is the case at airports or in pharmacies, it is advisable to put up a spit protection wall. This not only reduces the risk of infection for the individual. The contagion curve is also flattening overall. The infection with Covid-19 gradually slows down as the infection protection is optimized. A virus protective glass can be cleaned with disinfectant every few hours.

A protective wall can be installed in many of the factories that are still open. There are not even any special precautions to be taken. The retail trade protects its cashiers - where possible - with protective clothing and virus protection walls from direct customer contact. More and more people are paying with EC cards. It is unclear how long the corona viruses remain infectious on smooth or rough surfaces. The pharmacies and medical practices mainly deal with patients who are already ill. Not all of them have the corona virus, but they can still be contagious. The employees should therefore take the topic of infection protection seriously.

In addition to custom-made products, standard models are available

A plexiglass protective wall can be mounted on the counter or standing on the floor or hanging from the ceiling. Depending on the situation or the size of the shop, several narrow or differently wide splash protection walls can be used.

Flat, half-height or man-high plexiglass walls can be found in stores. The man-sized splash guards can be used, for example, at the standing tables in front of a savings bank employee.

Some splash protection models can be connected to each other to form a complete protective wall using simple plug connections. Protective wall models can also be made with an open or lockable hatch. The custom-made protective walls are tailored exactly to the needs of the industry or the customer. They can be made to measure according to the customer's wishes. For pharmacies, for example, counter protection walls with lasered hatch in the hand area are recommended. If the pharmacist wears protective gloves, there is sufficient protection against infection when the prescribed medication is passed on.

However, in the event of a pandemic with an unknown outcome, the spit protection device must be delivered quickly. For this reason, virus protection walls must also be ordered in standard sizes. Such protective measures are often an additional aid for banks and hospitals. Such mobile protective walls are also known from exhibition stands. Depending on whether the checkout area of ​​a grocery store should be better protected or whether protective measures should be improved in hospitals, flexible solutions can be implemented. With self-standing walls, patients can easily be shielded from one another. In this way, nurses and doctors are also safer. A mobile splash guard can also be used as needed.

Spit protection: flexible, modular and practical

Spit protection can be used modularly and used variably. It can be adapted to different shop sizes, different lengths of space and to individual situations. If additional protection against infection is needed, retailers can react quickly. If necessary, tent hospitals can also be made safer with mobile splash protection walls. However, not only a virus protection glass is required here, but a great many. It must be checked in good time whether larger quantities of protective stands are available.

At the current state of the corona crisis, it is foreseeable that the Bundeswehr will have to set up such emergency clinics together with the THW. Again, the topic of virus protection is an important topic. A tent clinic cannot be kept functional without virus protection glass and other hygiene measures. Today we have an advantage over the war hospitals of the Second World War. We now have a lot more opportunities to survive such crises as a community. A splash protection wall therefore often becomes an elementarily important piece of furniture.

The extent to which this should also be used in private areas cannot be estimated. It would be conceivable, however, that a family member in need of care is cared for in the family home. Various measures could protect it better. Everyone has to clarify for themselves whether a virus protection wall would be helpful. The investment is definitely worthwhile.

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