Modern laser marking meanwhile unproblematic

Modern laser marking meanwhile unproblematic

Not only smooth CNC controlled edges, but laser marking is no longer a problem with modern methods. As an important part of material editing, this process is easily handled by innovative equipment such as the FLM20-50. In this way, several open systems can achieve very high-quality results in a short time and are an important subarea for today's engraving tasks. The material is processed with the utmost precision and, depending on the specification, can also be provided with appropriate lettering, symbols and other content. Like an extended arm, the laser is capable of perfectly transferring and implementing content requirements of the digital level. The engraving as a particularly noble form, content to convey, is thus placed on an attractive optical level, which is now unparalleled. Only modern laser technology has meant that the area of ​​material processing can be implemented in a particularly impressive and precise manner. In addition to laser marking, other methods for processing material have already been established.

The practical fact is that such systems can also be integrated from start to finish into an existing production cycle. Modern variants make it possible not only to cut a component with the aid of forming technology, but also to make it as a finished workpiece with the forming right up to the last step. Laser marking is not only specialized in typical materials such as steel, but can also be applied to other components and even organic materials. With the right wavelength, ultimate results can be achieved, which play a crucial role in material processing. There are not only open, but also closed CO2 laser systems, which can also process plastics, wood, metal foils or leather, for example. A company that wants to secure long-term contracts should therefore think carefully about the extent to which an investment can increase its own productivity in the long term. After all, with the integration into the own production chain, there are hardly any gaps to implement finished components up to completely large-scale projects.

In this course, the service has prevailed, the own staff with the care and operation of high-quality laser equipment to commission. With the training of experienced technicians of companies such as Theta Laser GmbH, this process is now no longer a rarity. The incorporation is due to the modern technology much faster than traditional devices, which also have an extremely high maintenance. Because even the digital software is now being renewed at regular intervals and in the form of updates also made available to the owners of corresponding systems over and over again. At the same time, modern research and innovation continue the development and can be incorporated into own production processes by upgrading older plants. In the long term, companies can react flexibly to developments and further expand their market position with state-of-the-art technology. It pays off to discover the modern processes through the precise operation of a laser and thus to exploit the advantages in the long term. This is called innovation that is second to none!

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