Mobile hand basin for mobile hand hygiene

Mobile hand basin for mobile hand hygiene

Mobile hand basins or a mobile hygiene station are the ideal solution for people who offer food at street or festivals.
Hygiene law in Europe requires the ability to clean your hands at any time when handling food. However, this can often be difficult, for example at various street or club festivals where no connection for the water is available. For this reason there is a practical and also a hygienic solution. Mobile hand wash basins are available in high quality stainless steel and are designed for professional use in accordance with current guidelines. They are recommended by the KITOPIA-Werk non-profit society for care, education and upbringing for improved cleanliness and safe hygiene.

The Mobile Hygiene Station is easy to transport and can always be used where it is needed

There are different models, both without water connection, in which the water is refilled in the respective temperature and those with electric water heating. The models meet the HACCP hygiene standard.

Theta Laser offers these models

Hygiene station mobile

This is the largest version of the mobile version offered by Theta Laser GmbH. It can be set up without any problems, even without a water connection. “Contactless contact” is possible and it offers enough space for soap, paper towels and disinfectants.

Width: 550 mm
Sink height: 825 mm
Depth: 550 mm
Height (total): 1450 mm

Hygiene station Mobil Kids

There are mobile versions for children so that even the smallest of us can walk around with clean hands. They are generally lower in height so that children can easily get to the sink.

Width: 550 mm
Sink height: 600 mm
Depth: 550 mm
Height (total): 1180 mm

Hygiene station Mobil Mini

This is the more compact version of the first version. If there is less space, for example at entrances, this model is ideal. Here too there is plenty of space for paper towels, hand soap and disinfectants.

Width: 550 mm
Sink height: 575 mm
Depth: 500 mm
Height (total): 1250 mm

Hygiene station Mobil Mini Kids

The compact version is of course also available for children. It has a lower height than the original version for adults. Children can easily clean their hands here without the support of their parents or a stool.

Width: 550 mm
Sink height: 600 mm
Depth: 550 mm
Height (total): 1180 mm

These hand basins also offer an additional plus in terms of hygiene. In sensitive areas, for example when selling meat or sausages, contactless operation is often required, which means that water must flow without the seller being able to turn on a tap. The mobile washbasins offer this in a very convenient solution using the foot control.

The mobile washing and sanitary units are used wherever there is no water connection available. The washing units are available with fresh and waste water canisters, a 12 volt submersible pump, a ballast or battery box, optionally also with a hot water boiler or only as a cold water variant.

Attention! New version with manual foot pump in the program (no power connection or battery required)

Basics for mobile hand hygiene

Clean hands and good hygiene can be very easy, soap and water are always available. Even the children learn that they should wash their hands regularly because they spread most of the pathogens and germs. Repeated hand washing is essential, especially when handling food, and it must also be checked by the food inspector.
Whether in a commercial kitchen or behind a bar counter - in hotels or in restaurants, there is usually stress and a high pace of work. With a special portable dispenser from, users always have the right wipes for cleaning their hands and surfaces at hand.

The advantages of mobile hand basins

A mobile hand basin provides a lot of advantages. We already covered a few points in our blog article. In this part of the text we go into all the advantages of the products in a compact form.


The company Theta Laser GmbH offers the ideal products for the current world situation. With the hand cleaning station it is possible to keep the spread of Covid-19 low even in public places. There is also a mini version for children, so that everyone can walk through life with clean hands. The products are contactless, user-friendly, visually appealing and easy to clean. Foldable versions also make it easy to transport the station.

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