Laser cutting machine TL3015

The laser cutting machine TL3015 is suitable for many applications. It is characterized by its robustness and precise cutting accuracy. Thanks to intelligent programming, it is child's play to use and convinces with its comfortable handling.

The caster system on the front and rear of the machine helps to reduce the weight of the material during loading and unloading.

The TL3015 laser cutting machine features automatic CAD / CAM programming as well as efficient nesting software for optimum material utilization. The communication with the control system works directly via WIFI, by remote control and simultaneous monitoring of the laser cutting process.

The well-known display with harmonious, rounded design ensures exceptional, visual experiences. The use of a high-resolution LED screen makes the processing process visible.

Technical parameters

Machine ModelTL3015
laser power1000W 2000W 3000W (Optional)
Dimensions4440 * 2500 * 1860mm
Workspace3000mm x 1500mm 4500mm * 1500mm
positioning± 0.02mm
Max. speed80m / min
Max. Acceleration1.0G
connection data380V 50Hz / 60Hz / 60A

Frequently used for the production of strip advertising, metal plates, for the production of high-voltage and low-voltage technology, for machine parts of the textile industry, kitchen appliances, cars, machines, elevators, electrical parts, spring coil parts, for parts of the railway network and more.

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