Hygiene products

Hygiene products

Theta GmbH: The specialists in laser system technology and hygiene products

As an innovative German company based in Werne, Theta Laser GmbH offers its customers Gewerbehof 5-7 In the area of ​​laser system technology, customized offers from development to production in the area of ​​stainless steel.

The following article deals on the one hand with laser cutting and then on the hygiene areas "Corona protective wall" (virus protection walls) as well as mobile hand basins and hygiene stations for mobile hand hygiene.

Our strength: laser processing, product development

With laser cutting as a diverse and flexible processing method, Theta Laser GmbH manufactures high-quality laser parts made to measure and customized to customers' specifications. All laser parts are subject to constant and strict quality control.

A modern configurator enables our customers to plan and submit their templates within a few minutes. All you have to do is specify the project name, the shape, the individual dimensions and the desired material. Details on the structure and surface can also be determined individually by our customers.
If there is a three-dimensional template for molded parts or workpieces with millimeter precision, for example, it can be uploaded as a DXF file.
Our configurator shows the laser part clearly in a three-dimensional perspective. So it can be viewed and checked by our customers. The unit price is transmitted at the same time. As soon as everything meets the customer's wishes, production can take place with high-performance industrial glasses without a minimum order value.

The exact cutting on the basis of CAD drawings with an industrial laser is possible, for example, of prototypes, complete series, special tools and spare parts that are no longer available within short production times.

In addition to plastic and sheet metal, we also bring parts made of aluminum, stainless steel and copper into the desired shape for our customers.

Always up to date with innovative hygiene products

Virus protection wall: New challenges in the field of hygiene products currently have to be mastered

It has always been important to protect yourself against cold viruses, bacteria, fumes and various aerosols. The current corona pandemic has made this topic more explosive and more interesting. In addition, the restrictive regulations in terms of protective measures force action to be taken so that operations can continue. Not only stationary retail is affected. The banking industry, medical and public institutions as well as the hospitality industry are also dependent on protective measures.

Unpackaged goods such as bread and pastries as well as pralines, cold cuts and cheese are protected with a splash or virus protection wall made of acrylic glass or Plexiglas. But people also have to experience the necessary protection in interpersonal contact with such virus protection walls. This applies in the reception area and at the cash desk as well as in the conference room.

The different facilities with their individual requirements call for customized solutions. For this, we at Theta Laser GmbH offer our customers special splash protection and virus protection walls made of acrylic or plexiglass.

Our customers can choose between mobile walls on castors and transportable stand walls for "face to face protection" with hatches.

Perfect hand hygiene everywhere thanks to mobile hand basins and hygiene stations

The range of hygiene products from Theta Laser GmbH also includes mobile hand wash basins and mobile hygiene stations (hand wash basins with separate disinfection stands including dispensers for liquid disinfectants). They are ideal for everyone who comes into contact with food, for example at street and club festivals, at public events as well as at weekly markets and in outdoor restaurants.

European hygiene law regarding the handling of food is still subject to some restrictive changes. It requires, for example, that everyone who comes into contact with open food, in particular, can clean their hands at any time and ideally also disinfect them. In the case of outdoor events without an existing water connection, the organizers are confronted with major organizational problems. Theta Laser GmbH offers mobile hygiene stations and hand basins so that such problems can be solved in advance and legal regulations can be complied with.

The mobile hand basins are available in a high-quality stainless steel version and are therefore not only convincing technically, but also in terms of shape and design. They were all designed according to current guidelines and for professional use.
For cleanliness and safe hygiene, the mobile systems were recommended by the "KITOPIA-Werk gGmbH" (non-profit company for care, education and training). In addition, the models also impress in terms of shape and design.

These quality features naturally also apply to the transportable disinfection racks from Theta Laser GmbH.

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