The laser parts configurator

The laser parts configurator

Laser cutting is a diverse and flexible processing method that allows you to have high-quality laser parts manufactured according to individual specifications. Laser cutting creates precise contours and can be used variably and economically for a wide variety of materials. As a result, you get clean and precise parts that are used in a wide variety of applications. The individual laser parts impress with their high material and manufacturing quality. Their shape and dimensions correspond exactly to the templates. Use our modern laser cutting co-figurator to have precise molded parts made to measure.

With the laser cutting cofigurator you can have individual laser parts made to measure. We manufacture these parts in our own production and ensure that they correspond exactly to the specifications. The individual laser parts are subject to strict quality control. With the modern Configurator you can submit your template within minutes. All you need to do is specify the project name, shape, dimensions and material. You can also determine details of the structure and surface. If you already have a CAD template, you can upload it as a DXF file. The laser parts configurator clearly maps your desired laser part so that you can view and check it. The configurator also determines the price per piece. This gives you a transparent overview of the costs. If the planned laser part meets your requirements, you can order the production. There is no minimum order value. Even small runs are easily possible and can be produced in short production times and delivered quickly.

If you need precise molded parts, laser cutting is an ideal solution. Not only is it faster than other mechanical processes, it also delivers more precise results. On the basis of CAD drawings, a wide variety of materials can be cut precisely with an industrial laser. The process is suitable for prototypes as well as for complete series. In addition to plastic and wood, parts made of steel, stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and copper can also be shaped to the desired shape.

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