Long-term cost savings through quality

Long-term cost savings through quality

The advantage is the absence of additional high tooling costs, because low setup costs mean with the humanization of the workplace a silent and vibration-free working. The automated control and the very high dimensional accuracy is also possible with such a system, which can fully exploit the principle of the laser. With smaller lot sizes, future quality requirements can be mastered effortlessly.

Accuracy in the processing of different materials has become the decisive argument when it comes to achieving the highest level of efficiency in the entire work process with short innovation cycles. Logically, this also eliminates the post-processing of the material, which represents a huge time savings in the long run.

CNC-controlled cutting machines have become firmly established in recent years as a rational and economical means of production and are state-of-the-art. The wide range available with the production technology applications allows a high cost efficiency and thus a realistic planning for many companies. Helpful here is the personal advice and conception in advance, which will continue to exist with the acquisition of an investment. If you are still unsure, you also have the opportunity to experience the quality of the systems directly on site. In fact, Theta Laser GmbH makes it possible to produce a large number of workpieces in one's own production facility and thus to closely follow the quality of laser cutting through state-of-the-art equipment. So it will not be difficult for one or the other to rely on state-of-the-art solutions through CNC-controlled laser cutting.

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