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We offer you laser systems adapted for your application and support you in the implementation of planned projects. In addition, we offer laser cutting, laser marking and laser marking in pay. We manufacture for you individual pieces, small or large series according to your wishes. We train your employees in common laser systems and teach you the basics of laser technology.

A laser system that can be integrated into an existing process or extends production offers companies long-term benefits. In the short term, relatively high initial costs are due, which can vary greatly depending on the application and options. Ultimately, however, this can be said to be the only downside and faces a broad list of benefits.

What We Have Here

covers the development of products and components, construction of manual or automated devices, handling and separation systems, as well as various solutions for laser applications.

Through extensive experience in the design sector, we know the requirements for the implementation of certain problems in mechanical and plant engineering.
Past, successfully completed projects have shown that the productivity of the laser system justifies the acquisition costs.

The qualifications of our employees and the network of competent partners that we have built up over the years allow us to draw on a wide range of expertise.

Our Strength

Integrating a laser system into existing as well as planned production processes is our daily business.
Your wishes when using laser systems are our challenge, which we implement, right down to the perfect customer solution.
We optimize your production processes or production processes by using laser technology.

All from one hand.

Laser material processing

The plants below are used for laser material processing in the salary, our portfolio is constantly expanding, so we are soon able to offer you the tube processing (up to 6m), and the robot-guided laser welding in addition.

Laser cutting by fiber laser
(1064nm - 1070nm)

Excellent results are ensured by our innovative laser cutting systems, such as the PC 1530 fiber laser cutting machine.

Processing area: 1500mm x 3000mm
Performance: 2,2Kw
Predestined for cutting: structural steel up to 20mm, stainless steel 8mm, aluminum 6mm, brass or copper 3mm.

Laser marking (fiber laser 1064nm)

Our laser marking machines FLM20-50 are excellently suited for marking or engraving metal as well as various types of plastics. Three open systems are available for laser wage work.

20Watt System with Optical Highscanning
30Watt system with rotary axis
50Watt system for engraving tasks.

Co2 laser systems (10640nm)

The Co2 systems made available for laser wage work are suitable for cutting and labeling organic materials. Their wavelength (10640nm) show perfect results in this area of ​​material processing.

Co2 Laser (open)
Performance: 120Watt
Workspace: 1200mm x 900mm
Responsibilities: cutting metal foils, leather, wood, plastics.

Co2 Laser (closed)
Performance: 100Watt
Workspace: 1000mm x 600mm
Responsibilities: Inscription / engraving of leather, wood, plastics and other organic materials.

Our laser systems - The optimal customer solution

We offer you laser systems adapted for your application, that is, you get from us a system that is used to suit your area of ​​responsibility. We try to go the best way possible with you to save on the cost of features that you will most likely never need. They get a tailor-made system, "state of the art" yet have been able to save up to 47% cost.

Whether you want a self-sufficient system, or the integration in an existing process, our technicians will be happy to develop a suitable concept with you, accompany you even after completion and are available to help you with words and deeds.

CNC-controlled laser cutting systems have long been established in industry as rational and economical means of production.
The current state of the art of such laser cutting machines allows for a broad production engineering application.

The laser cutting process offers considerable advantages over the previous separation methods:

Processing of different materials z. As steel, stainless steel various non-ferrous metals can be machined Cutting difficult to cut materials such as copper, titanium, brass possible. High axis acceleration Up to 70 percent lower energy consumption compared to CO2 laser cutting machines, highest quality at the cutting edge and low surface roughness in the kerf. No tooling costs and low set-up costs Humanization of the workplace through almost silent and vibration-free operation of the laser cutting machine. Very high and reproducible dimensional accuracy Decisive for the development and application of laser cutting systems are ever smaller batch sizes and shorter innovation cycles with simultaneously increasing demands on quality and accuracy.

3D pipe cutting machine TR6


- Automatic feeding of the material
- 3d laser optics (miter cut)
- Processing up to 6 meters
- up to 6kW laser power

Laser cutting machine TLC1530


- Automatic feed of the material through shuttle table
- Automatic distance control
- Automatic focus adjustment
- Workspace 1500mm x 3000mm
- up to 6kW laser power

Our Service

For our customers, we have almost all wearing parts, which ensure the smooth production process as stock goods in stock.
Of course, we guarantee fast response times in the service. Our technicians train your employees directly at the plants and create a parameter database tailored to your material.

Theta Cloud

We provide each customer with a log-in to our cloud, so it is ensured that all new features such as: Documentation, control updates, and other documents are digitally retrievable at any time.

The link to the cloud, as well as your user data, will automatically be assigned when you buy our equipment.

Of course, we are prepared to carry out cost-free sampling on our plants using your materials. Of course you are cordially invited, so you can get on-site a picture of the technology and equipment.
If you have any questions, you can speak directly with one of our technicians.

Of course, we answer your questions by phone or email.


For questions and suggestions we are always available.

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